Event report: kintone hive Osaka vol.3

kintone hive Osaka vol. 3 was held on June 16th, 2017 at the Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Theater. Please read on to learn about the presentations.  

User Case 1

Giving birth to a feeling of unity through kintone - Let's change -


Information Systems Department Hiroaki Sasae 

HISAKA WORKS, LTD. deals with the heat exchangers used by air conditioners in famous buildings as well as food sanitation equipment. They are long-time kintone users, having used the platform for 6 years, with 451 apps.  

View presentation slides here (Japanese)   

They first brought in kintone to re-organize the data stored in a plethora of excel files, but the system has grown and is now used by 460 people at 16 different locations in 7 countries. This presentation focused on 3 main ways they were able to succeed in "giving birth to a feeling of unity through kintone."

First, they started small. kintone is a tool where it easy to get started, so it is often smart to begin with a small scale. Second, they had on-site leaders. Having kintone developed by the users themselves rather than the IT department can have a big impact on the finished product. Finally, they develop apps without focusing on perfection. First, they aimed to execute 78 specific functions through kintone, then they determined which points needed improvement.  

The first clear result of this was the gradual increase in users, in all departments. To prevent this positive trend from being temporary, managers, on-site personnel and the IT department decided to collaborate on a problem solving “kintone project.”  

Now they have completed a system that supports International sales team information exchange beyond borders, management and warehouse communication, improved customer support, and core system integration with kintone, which strengthened information sharing abilities. Over the years, Mr. Sasae realized that kintone decreases the distance felt between people inside and outside the company, and contributes to a sense of unity.

He finished by saying “I want to continue to use the power of kintone to build better teams, better organizations and a better company.”  

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Event report: kintone hive Tokyo vol.5


kintone hive tokyo vol. 5 was held on May 19th, 2017 at Roppongi Academy Hills. Please keep reading for summaries of each presentation. 

User Case 1

Company-wide improvement directed by Amateurs


Department Manager Madoka Hondo 

The first presenter was Ms.Hondo from Xebec Technologies, which sells manufacturing tools for deburring and polishing materials. Despite Ms. Hondo's inexperience with IT, when she encountered kintone she immediately realized that it had the potential to vastly improve the operational efficiency of the whole company. 

View presentation slides here (Japanese)   

She went on to explain how she used kintone to bring about such widespread change. The company initially used a simple customer and lead management system for the sales department. However, “the web based system that we first constructed was very limited in searching and utilization. We selected an internationally well known tool, but there were limitations in the screen layout and data entry methods,” she explained. Eventually, the sales team grew so dissatisfied that there were many cases were personnel were actively avoiding inputting data into the system. So, in order to have flexibility, lower costs and be able to do maintenance without the support of engineers, they decided to transition to kintone.  

She reflected on their path to full utilization of kintone by referencing the Gartner Hype Cycle. During the trial period, where expectations were at their peak, they tried to find ways for many team members to have practice using kintone, such as demonstrating management applications. 

In order to minimize dissatisfaction during the 'period of disillusionment,' they started looking into customization capabilities, Ms.Hondo consulted developers about possible improvements. Looking back on the activities done to raise awareness as they approached the stability period, she noted that kintone became a tool for proactive business optimization. Now, the number of personnel capable of doing maintenance on kintone is increasing, and they hope that all employees will become deeply connected through they system as they continue development.

“It is essential to understand the needs of users to determine how to grow and change apps to maximize user friendliness,” she stated emphatically. Finally, Ms.Hondo addressed the audience, “kintone is the best tool for providing opportunities to optimize the efficiency of your business, as it expands the list of people capable of making significant improvements.” 

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Event report: kintone hive Fukuoka

kintone hive Fukuoka vol. 1 was held on April 19th, 2017 at the ACROS Fukuoka Arena Hall.  Please keep reading for summaries of each presentation. 

Use Case 1

Strengthening operational foundations with kintone 〜Challenges of General Affairs in scaffolding company 〜

Daiwa Co., LtD.

General Affairs Department -  Training and Development

HR Division Head  Naoya Takata

The first presenter was Naoya Takata from the Daiwa General Affairs Department . Daiwa Co. LtD. lends scaffolds for general contractors and construction projects.

View presentation slides here  (Japanese)   

Mr. Takata focuses on recruitment activities, which is challenging against the decreasing number of craftmans in the Construction industry. It has three main factors "3K" in japanese means hard work, dirty and danger.


He is trying to combat this by introducing kintone to find solutions, improve conditions. 

First, he talked about the experience of a working mother whose job is to investigate new construction and renovation sites. Previously, matters such as route determination and site photos would be reported with physical papers, but now that they use kintone, the time she needed to manage her tasks was successfully decreased. This system was also applied to the construction sites for Scaffolding craftsman, which saved each team approximately 30 minutes each day. Mr. Takada emphasized how impressive it was that for 100 teams, a total of 170 hours were saved. 

Even though these positive effects were felt quickly, there was initially some backlash from more conservative faction. But they wanted a solution.

 So,  to get these people used to kintone, he created various apps for them with their opinion. 

And, he tried to show them non-business related applications. For example, "Apply for football tickets" Mr. Takata stated that "As more people started using kintone, the number of supporters increased." 

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Event report: kintone hive Nagoya

kintone hive Nagoya vol. 1 was held on April 14th, 2017 at the Nagoya International Legend Hall. Please keep reading for summaries of each presentation!

User Case 1

Improving systems by using kintone to develop solutions independently

Ateam Inc.

Assistant Manager - Administration Division Taku Yajima

Ateam Inc. is a public company that designs mobile phone games.  The Administration Division has the job of managing back office operations, such as accounting and general affairs, for the other 4 main departments.


Mr. Yajima's main job is to optimize the efficiency of the core systems. He said it was very important that his team be able to develop necessary management tools on-site. He was concerned that if he worked independently it may be difficult for the company to complete maintenance in the future if he were included in future personnel changes. With that in mind, he decided to limit the number of tools he developed by himself.

View presentation slides here  (Japanese)   

 Mr. Yajiima decided to only assist on-site development as a programmer when the team was faced with more challenging tasks as they set out to make operational improvements through kintone.


The first main goal was to dramatically increase the efficiency of data management with the core system. There were multiple systems in use, so data was typically shared directly through numerous Excel and CSV files.


kintone was established as the center of the system containing all master data and integration with multiple APIs. Manual data transfer became unnecessary as data was made reliably accessible. A lot of work became automated.


A second goal was to update and optimize outdated workflows. For example, managing orders from a single company was previously a complicated process requiring 5 rounds of processing through Excel worksheets. They only realized how complicated the process was after they began to write it down. Replacing the old workflow with a kintone app that could manage everything from initial order information through delivery streamlined the entire process.


They found it so easy to use kintone and create apps that every app mentioned by Mr. Yajima was created by their own employees on-site. kintone became a means for non-engineers to solve their own problems. Every day they seemed to find new solutions to old problems through kintone. The capacity for internal leadership has expanded significantly.

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