1.Welcome to kintone

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Easy and Fast!!

It's super easy to build your custom business applications with kintone. kintone is "no-code / low-code" application building platform. Great solution for businesses with little time or resources to spend on IT or it's development projects.

2. Getting started with kintone

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Like a Virtual Office!

It's like a virtual office where you can work, communicate, and share data with your team from anywhere and anytime. kintone portal is your personal workplace. You can communicate internally and externally based on data.

3. Build an App with kintone

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3 ways to build your apps with kintone!

① Pick from Sample Apps & Customize

There are more than 100 sample apps. Just download an app you want and customize how ever you want, and you're ready to go!

② Create an app from Scratch

You can build apps with easy drag and drop operation. Programming is not necessary to build basic apps.

③ Import Excel/CSV and convert it to kintone app

Import excel files you are currently using and convert it into custom cloud apps in seconds!


Maintaining those apps up to date and making change to it is also very easy without coding.

4. Setting up Workflows and Process Management in kintone

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 ☑️ want to prevent overlooking my task!

Smooth workflow without waste!

By setting process management, you can share task progress with project members without overlooking tasks to be processed by you.

5. kintone Collaboration, Mobile and Integration Features

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There are various usage methods depends on the idea!!


・You can use for communication beyond the boundaries of the organazation!

・You can use kintone outside by mobile because of the cloud service!

・kintone can collaborate with external service!

・Advanced customization also possible by programming!